Study's Amy " Stella"NFHR # NS-P-2586-M  Brown Dun Foaled: 5-15-2002  14 hands
FOR SALE $4500 Serious Offers Consider.  Good home a must.  
SOLD Thanks Jana we know you'll love her.

"Stella" is one of prettiest Norwegian Fjord's we've ever seen.  She has a lovely dished face, wonderful
top line and big gorgeous eyes.  We've been told by Accent Ranch long time breeders of Norwegian
Fjords that she has the conformation and breeding to be a top show horse.

Stella was started as a 3 year old but then nothing more was done with her.  We put her into training
the first year we had her and I rode her all last summer and loved her. Constant rain for the last two
months has made riding pretty near impossible, but it looks like it's going to be nice so she and I will be
hitting the trails again very soon.   I have ridden  Stella  across five lane highways, bridges, railroad
tracks, taken the lead or pulled drag and nothing seems to rattle her.  She outwalks every  Fjord we've
been with, and shows no "mare attitude" toward any of the other horses.  She just pricks up those ears
and gets to it.   Stella doesn't have a mean bone in her body, as this 60 something grandma would not
be riding her if she did.  She loves attention, clips, bathes and trailers wonderfully.   She stands
perfectly for mounting and dismounting.
These "Little" horses are truly amazing and real  confidence buiders for the greenest of riders and they
can pack you up a mountain without hesitation.

Please go to
Accent Ranch for some great Norwegian Fjords for sale.   
STUDY'S AMY "Stella"
Norwegian Fjord Mare For
Aus Elk Creeks Sonja     Norwegian Fjord Mare   8-15-1996
Sonja has not been finished but she is very gentle, has never bucked, good to bath,
shoe, clip, and load. With a few more wet saddle blankets she would make a great
horse for trail riding or even showing, she walks out fast and is just nice to be around.
$2100.00 Reasonable offers to good home considered.
Guaranteed sound, smooth legs and no blemishes.  
Pedigree Furnished on request. She has been Blood Typed
Pictured below is a daughter of Sonja's.